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Cortina d'Ampezzo is the most famous Turistic Centre in Belluno province, is located in Ampezzano Area (about 1200mts altitude) at about 70Kms from Belluno City. Cortina is also called the Dolomite's Pearl and is located in the high Boite Valley, it's surrounded by Tofane mount, Cristallo mount, Croda da Lago mount and Sorapis mount.

This special place founds its economy especially on Summer and Winter tourism; the extraordinary beautiful of its views, the possibility to practise mountaineering sports and ski, the excellent receptive equipments have increased its fame and now with all there features Cortina d'Ampezzo is considered the most elegant and fine Alpine Station in Italy.

In its Historical Centre you will find a lot of the most beautiful and famous shops that normally are present only in important Italian Cities (like Venice, Milan, Florence and Rome). The guests how are following for a right compromised between peace and hobbies will find in Cortina the best solution avaible in Dolomites Area.

Cortina d'Ampezzo is very famous for its ski equipments, you will ski on Tofana Mount (about 3200mts), Ra Valles, Col Drusciè, Mietres, Faloria; but it's also very famous for its Hotels and Resorts:

Hotel CRISTALLINO D'AMPEZZO, Hotel CORONA, Hotel DE LA POSTE, Hotel MIRAGE, Hotel EUROPA, Hotel MIRAGE, PARK HOTEL FALORIA, PARK HOTEL each one you will find great style, services and kindness.

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HOW GET CORTINA D'AMPEZZO, Venice Airport and Cortina d'Ampezzo (Venice Limousine).

Cortina d'Ampezzo is located at about 160Kms from Venice, if the guests will land in Venice Airport, Venice Marco Polo is main International airport nearest to Cortina, they can get Cortina location with our limousine service, the transfer service takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes (without problem with the traffic) and the principal route is the following:

Starting from Venice Airport our driver will follow the national road SS14 (named Triestina) at the first light-stop he will turn left taking the HighWay Alemagna A27, he will go down all this way and at the end of it he will take the national road SS51, this way will reach after some tunnels the destination in Cortina Centre.

The transfer service is very beautiful and during the journey the guests will see many different kind of views, Treviso and Conegliano Hills, Vittorio Veneto Valley, Belluno Area and Cortina Valley.

Treviso Airport and Cortina d'Ampezzo (Venice Limousine).

After the main International Airport, Venice Marco Polo Airport, there is in Treviso Area a second Airport, San Giuseppe Airport, located in North area of Veneto Region, this little hub is now used by many different Low Cost Air Companies and it's position is about 120Kms from Cortina d'Ampezzo.

For the guests how are looking for a easy and cheaper solution to reach their Ski locations can choose this now Airport for their journeys.

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Treviso Airport and Cortina d'Ampezzo (Venice Limousine).

The time that the guests will spend to reach Cortina d'Ampezzo from Treviso Airport is the same that is necessary to reach Cortina from Venice Airport. Starting from San Giuseppe Airport the way is the following:

Turn right and take the national road SP73 (named Viale della Repubblica), at the first light-stop turn right and take the national road SS13 (Statale Pontebbana), you will go down this road up to the round-circle then will take the national road SP92, after about 2kms you will find the HighWay Alemagna A27 Entrace, take this high way following Dolomites direction.

From this point the journey is very easy, at the end of the Highway you will find the national road SS51 and this last way link directly Venice with Cortina d'Ampezzo.
Which kind of service? Limousine or Limo Service, Taxi Service or Shuttle Service?

Our Company, Venice Limousine, can provide for each one of these services but with different kinds of vehicles and solutions. If your guests need a transfer service with the maximum high level standard our company can provide for luxury Mercedes Vehicles like: Sedan model E-Class and S-Class, Van and Mini-Van model V-Class and New Viano-Class, SUV and Jeep Mercedes model M-Class and roomy Mini-Bus Mercedes model Sprinter Class (up to 8 seats, plus the driver). But if your guests don't want spend too much we can provide (also in collaboration with our local partners) for a normal standard of vehicles that can satisfy any kinds of request.

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