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Venice Limousine and Murano Glass Factory Tours:

Venice Limousine Company in collaboration with some Vetrerie offers to our guests tours and visits to local Venetian Murano Glass Factory for discover, admire and learn the special and millennial art to create the Murano Glass.

Venice Murano Glass Factory: glassblower during the manifacture.
Murano glassblower during the manifacture.

With our tours you will see the masters glassworkers creates new shapes and true art works with the only use of hands, blows and fire.

Venice Murano Glass Factory Tours: Oven where the glass are blowed during the manifacture.

murano glass art

Venice Murano Glass Factory visits: Details of Harlequin cap, from Venetian Murano Bottle.

Each work is special because no one is equal to other!.

Venice Limousine and Murano Glass Factory: Arts and Objects from Murano Glass Visits.

The Murano glassblower creates vases, bottles, chandeliers, flats and more other using imagination, fatigue, devotion, and art.

They produces Glass Jewels that have incomparable beauty.

Details about the oven, in high temperature where the Murano Glass are worked during the manifacture.

The arts, the calms and the abilities of these special artists are repaid with objects that are only copies extant.

murano master glass worker

Venice Limousine and Vetreria Morgana

Venice Limousine in partnership with Signoretti Glassworks provides to our customers the possibility to purchase a lot of different Murano Glass Objects with discounted prices.

For more details about the story and the manufactured of Morgana Glassworks we suggest to visits its Web Site:

We report to follow some images taken from Morgana Glassworks collection within you will see different Murano Glass Objects.

How to order your Murano Glass Object ?

For order your Murano Glass products you can contact directly the Morgana Glassworks to their Web Site adress:

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