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Treviso Airport (TFS with IATA Code) and its Location:

Treviso Airport (indicated TFS with IATA Code) is the second Airport nearest Venice City in Italy after the International Venice Airport (VCE IATA Code, named Marco Polo Airport). This Airport is located at about 30 Kms from Venice Centre and 3 Kms from Treviso Centre.

Treviso Airport in the last time has been increased a lot its flight services, now many Low-Cost Airline Companies use this Airport like landing point (for example the following: Transavia, Ryanair, Carpat Air). Its position represents a good solution to reach Venice Area (Venice Centre and Port Area, we remind you that from Venice Port leave and dock many international Cruise Ship Cruises), the Treviso Centre and its surrounding Area there is very famous for its natural products like wines (Prosecco) and Vegetables (Radicchio di Treviso).

Treviso Airport is also the best solution to reach Dolomiti Area, many important destinations are very simple to reach from this Airport. We remind the Dolomiti's Pearl, Cortina d'Ampezzo in Belluno area, it represents most famous ski area in Italy and it's located at about 2 hours from Treviso Airport.

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The further good qualities of this Airport are given from the near Highway (named A-27) that links Treviso Airport directly with Venice and Belluno and the state road (named SS-515) that links Treviso with Padua Centre. These two principal ways allow to the guests who need to reach near locations to select Treviso Airport like perfect gate for their travels.

Treviso Airport (TFS with IATA Code) and its Services:

Treviso Airport is a small Airport, it's divided in two little Areas, the Departure hall and the Arrival hall, inside the guests will found two little bars and one duty free shop. In the Arrival Area there are some Rental Cars Desks, one Bus Ticket Office that it's also a Change Money Agency. If you visit now this Airport you can see on the right side the new Area, a new building is now under construction and we think it will be avaible in about one year.

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